Art workshop for 3D objects and trompe l'oeil mural paintings.

Milo's Art Workshop offers additional artistic achievements that supported the interior design field and so full opportunity to express. These include services such as Kunstb wall painting, 3d sculptures, lighting and sound objects, fountain designs and much more ..

Trompe loeil and or murals for interior-design and Event-equipment - from art & ideas. Trompe l'oeil: Mural painting in Asiatic style 3D plastics and murals in a privat bath Mural painting and fashion-lined landscape as 3D experience in a private indoor swimming pool Elevator doors: Exclusive Trompe l'oeil paintings for your elevator doors Exclusive Trompe l'oeil paintings for your elevator doors Wall painting and interior design for the information center Altenmarkt Zauchensee Mural painting in an autohouse - an engine floats over the clouds Detail of a wall mural painting in a car showroom Indoor Swimming Pool with Artificial Rock Landscape Milos mural wall objects and trompe l'oeil painting for a private house The beautiful Helena was created by Milo for Company Polzer in Salzburg Art object plstics - In the midle of the city Salzburg is the position of "the beautiful Helena" Fine art objects in trompe l'oeil art for private clients Design for a fine mural wall painting - trompe l'oeil - in a romantic bathroom Mural and art objects by Milo Milo present his pictures "white faces" in a art gallery Milos white faces where presented in a special gallery in Salzburg 3D portrait objects - Milo and Pap shoes theire work in a improved gallery 3D portrait objects - Milo and Pap shoes theire work in a improved gallery 3 d art portrait objects - "white faces" made in 3 D composition 3D art design plastics White Faces in the constantly changing LED light
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German version
Kunst Werkstatt für Kunst Handwerk und Trompe l'oeil Wand Malerei
Roman version
Atelier de mestesuguri, trompe l'oeil pictura murala pictura si arta
Russian version
  ä   Trompe l'oeil
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Trompe loeil and or murals for interior-design and Event-equipment - from art & ideas.

Murals decorative equipment for interior design and Event-Equipment and Stage-design by ''art & ideas''
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Traditional stage design scenery for the Operette  "Clivia"

The stage design picture shows here a small concert hall, in traditional stage equipment
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Stage Set Designs for TV and Theater

Stage design picture and television TV decorations for various projects produced in the studios of the studio art & ideas that operates throughout Europe in this form. Theater stage sets for various theaters and television stations.
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Fantastic ideas and planning concepts  presented by the interior design Alexander Milo

The artist Alexander Milo presents his works in the areas restaurants, (interior)architecture, exhibition stand building, studio decorations, children's playgrounds and arts and crafts
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Casino gambling hall design for a CI prototype of gambling halls in Germany

Slot casino planning design equipment turnkey - Milo designs and implements casino and gambling hall projects for clients around the world in a unique design and best quality. Theme casino design plans are in safe hands and will be implemented with great attention to detail.
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