Trade Fair Booth Design, Showrooms, Events and TV Stage Sets

Thanks to our reputation for planning extraordinary striking designs, we have attracted many customers from all over Europe.

Fair Booth Building by Milo Design Fair Booth for Las-Vegas Show Showroom and exhibition interior design Shopping Center skating rink from plastic plates Showroom interior design for presentation and company events Exhibition showroom architecture and design - italian lifestyle in a tuscany ambience Company lobby conception and interior design for Bikar metal in germany TUI  Travel agency sales room design - consulting area as a light experience Stage Set Designs for TV and Theater Stage design for Antigone Art workshop for 3D objects and trompe l'oeil mural paintings. The beautiful Helena was created by Milo for Company Polzer in Salzburg Fine art objects in trompe l'oeil art for private clients
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German version
Design für Messestände, Schauräume, Events und TV Ausstattung
Roman version
Showroom-uri, evenimente si Stage televizoare
Russian version
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Fair Booth Building by Milo Design

Do you want to stand out from your fellow competitors at the trade fair? K&I Design presents examples of his work.
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Childrens Ski-doo - funny snowmobiles-attraction for Hotels and mountain lifts

Childrens ski-doo - winter attraction for the Skihotels
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Kids playground design in a shopping center in Kazakhstan - kids entrance

Kids theme playground design - in a new constructed shopping center are developed 2 indoor children playgrounds with wonderfull attractions for small children and teenagers.
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Fantastic ideas and planning concepts  presented by the interior design Alexander Milo

The artist Alexander Milo presents his works in the areas restaurants, (interior)architecture, exhibition stand building, studio decorations, children's playgrounds and arts and crafts
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Fair Booth Building by Milo Design

Do you want to stand out from your fellow competitors at the trade fair? K&I Design presents examples of his work.
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