Stage Set Designs for TV and Theater

Stage design picture and television TV decorations for various projects produced in the studios of the studio art & ideas that operates throughout Europe in this form. Theater stage sets for various theaters and television stations.

Movie- and TV-Eqiupment for Austrian TV Stage Set for the Satire Forum Salzburger Stier Stage Set for the Charity Program Licht ins Dunkel Stage Set for the TV-Production Feindbilder Stage Set for a TV-Show for Kids Stage design for Antigone Stage-design created by Milo for Sheakespeares "Storm" Stage equipment to Kleists " the broken jug" Stage design and planning features - for Enzensberger's "Misanthrope" as a continuation of Moliers play Stage designs image - for Enzensberger's "Misanthrope" Stage designs image - for Enzensberger's "Misanthrope" Stage design for Henrik Ibsens Lady of the Sea made by Milo Stages design and equipment for a romantic, classical genre design for the operetta "Land of Smiles" Milo's stage set for Ibsen's "An Enemy of the People" - on a multi-functional stage Milo's stage set for Ibsen's "An Enemy of the People" - on a multi-functional stage Stage design to "Play it again Sam" by Woody Allen The stage design picture of Max Frisch's stage play "Andorra" Traditional stage design scenery for the Operette  "Clivia"
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German version
Bühnen Bild Ausstattung für TV und Theater
Roman version
Etapa Set modele de TV si Teatru
Russian version
Äö ä   ü ö
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Movie- and TV-Eqiupment for Austrian TV

Television and stage equipment in Austria and Germany are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of clients. Milo designed numerous stage image design plans for the theater as a guest decorators.
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TUI  Travel agency sales room design - consulting area as a light experience

Tui sales room design for Wohfühlen - light columns as eye-catchers - functional, light and elegant design with great light columns for a client meeting room
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Showroom and exhibition interior design

Show room interior design - Milo presents different examples of showroom designs according to marketing requirements to provide a full shopping experience.
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Fantastic ideas and planning concepts  presented by the interior design Alexander Milo

The artist Alexander Milo presents his works in the areas restaurants, (interior)architecture, exhibition stand building, studio decorations, children's playgrounds and arts and crafts
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Art workshop for 3D objects and trompe l'oeil mural paintings.

Milo's Art Workshop offers additional artistic achievements that supported the interior design field and so full opportunity to express. These include services such as Kunstb wall painting, 3d sculptures, lighting and sound objects, fountain designs and much more ..
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