Casino Theme Restaurant lounge bar interior design at the Wettpunkt in the SCS Mall near Vienna, Austria in Schwechat

Casino western restaurant lounge bar interior design - the concept comprises a western gastronomy place with shop, restaurant, bar, and Las-Vegas style area. It took us just four months of planning and construction.

Western restaurant lounge and bar interior design in a casino near Vienna. Las Vegas Skyline in a bet area in the SCS Mall near Vienna, Austria Las Vegas  A casino restaurant lounge bar interior design with 3D three-dimensional wall design elements A wildwest restaurant concept and interior design - in corporating cowboy and indian motives and landscapes A wildwest restaurant lounge bar concept and interior design - in Vienna Casino equipment - a wildwest restaurant lounge bar interior design - in Vienna Casino western restaurant design - an impressive design Western Shop and western restaurant interior design and planning in the SCS Mall Western garden restaurant with decorative facade elements Special restaurant lounge bar design and concepts made by KUNST & IDEEN is always everything except normal Concept for a salad bar gastronomy lounge bar in romantic style Restaurant interior design - sitting-area of the Paella-restaurant lounge bar gastronomy Paella-bar interior design sitting area in another design concept by Milo-design
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German version
Casino Themengastronomie Restaurant Lounge Bar Interior Design im Wettpunkt in der SCS in Wien in Schwechat.
Roman version
Design interior Restaurant tematic, Barul si magazinul de la Wettpunkt n Mall SCS lnga Viena, Austria n Schwechat
Russian version
      Wettpunkt ()   ö SCS  ,
Italian version
Casin tema ristorante bar lounge interior design nel
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Western restaurant lounge and bar interior design in a casino near Vienna.

Casino western planning equipment and theme restaurant loung bar interior design makes a wonderful impression designed by Milo
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A new Ice cafe style - elegant and clearly to be well-being

 Ice cafe planning and design - the newly designed Ice cafe is very well received by the large group of guests of the Eiscafe
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Ice Cafe Bar planning in Solln near Munich

 We have revitalized an ice cafe in Solln near Munich and transformed into an elegant Ice Bar. The wishes of the customer have been implemented.
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Fantastic ideas and planning concepts  presented by the interior design Alexander Milo

The artist Alexander Milo presents his works in the areas restaurants, (interior)architecture, exhibition stand building, studio decorations, children's playgrounds and arts and crafts
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Countryhouse style with indiviual wine cellar planning

Country house interior design and wine cellar planning for a private house in the antic style
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