Bet office equipment designed by Milo

Slot Casino interior design planning equipment - turnkey - equipment and style for a slot casino and a betting counter

Slot bet casino interior design planning - designed by Milo "Wettpunkt" central Schwechat - casino interior design planning Casino interior design planning - entrance into the slot casino area Interior design planning for a slot casino Wettpunkt in Schwechat, Vienna Atmospheric slot casino design planning - in Vienna Atmospheric slots casino design in Vienna Slot mashines casino design planning - an experience space Slot casino design planning - facade design of the betting slot casino. Slots casino lounge concept in Vienna
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German version
Slot Casino Interior Design Planung -  Wettlokal - Ausstattung und Einrichtung
Roman version
Slot cazino planificarea design interior - pariuri localitate - Facilitati si dotari de neegalat
Russian version
Bet office equipment designed by Milo
Italian version
Slot casino pianificazione interior design - scommesse locale sportive strutture e servizi
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Slot bet casino interior design planning - designed by Milo

Slot Casino interior design planning equipment - turnkey - equipment and style for a slot casino and a betting counter
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Adventure Casino design with the theme LOST WORLD

Slot casino planning interior design equipment turnkey - MILO´s adventure casino design concept for a casino in the caribic. Milo draw up for the casino theme ''Lost World'' several variants - with different equipment designs.
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Slot Casino design planning ideas and concepts worldwide

Slot casino planning interior design equipment, turnkey - MILO designs topics casino equipment for Atronic in US and also for other casino operators worldwide - it's great fun to realize extraordinary ideas
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Fantastic ideas and planning concepts  presented by the interior design Alexander Milo

The artist Alexander Milo presents his works in the areas restaurants, (interior)architecture, exhibition stand building, studio decorations, children's playgrounds and arts and crafts
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Modern slots casino and betting design and equipment in Vienna

Slot slot casino interior design planning - turnkey - is a modern casino equipment with curved aluminum walls, LED light objects and a betting counter area - and offers customers a modern stylish entertainment - a modern Wettpunkt Casino in Vienna
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